Thursday, January 14, 2010


I love living in central Alberta. Last week a chinook hit and it has been above zero since. I have been promising Ally that we would go outside again when it got warmer. Unfortunately it is hard to take Zoe too. Thanks to Grandma Jan, Ally got to go out and play and build a snow man...of sorts.

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It is the beginning

I have been waiting for months for Zoe to take an interest in walking. I was sure that she would walk earlier than Ally because she crawled earlier...nope not even close. Now at 13.5 months Zoe is just beginning to experiment with walking. She has started to stand up and balance against the hearth (not sure if that is the right word?).

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Kitchen Fun

I think the best part of the kitchen is not that you can cook monster soup but that you can hide in it. Ally and Zoe love to get in the kitchen and hide. Ally for some reason will stand up through the sink and say she is in a truck. It is cute seeing them play together.

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Take my picture

Ally has started to ask for her picture to be taken. It is rather difficult to take pictures of two girls and get them both looking at the camera.

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Zoe loves markers but unfortunately only for eating.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day 3

Mike and Ally both received skates this year. I hope that we can get a lot of use out of them this year.

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Christmas Day 3

Zoe in her pretty dress.

Grandma Jan and Zoe

Ally decorating the kids tree.

Ally and the kitty...she would love to have one of her own.  Good thing she has Grandma Jan's to go to because we will never have one.

Day 3 had us in Lacombe. We had another fun filled day and more wonderful presents. We really were spoiled!

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Christmas Day 2

Ally and Zoe received a beautiful hand-made table and chair set from their Aunt Danielle, Uncle Jason and Aunt Nicole.

Zoe trying on her hat she got from Grandma.

Is she not the cutest thing ever? Here Zoe is in the fabulous coat from GG.

We had a great time at my parent's and we played some board games, ate great food and of course were given some great presents.

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Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Ally was really into it. We started our Christmas early again this year and did our Christmas Eve on the 23rd. Ally and I made peanut butter cookies and special milk for Santa and then we made some magic reindeer food. In the morning she was so excited to see that the reindeer ate the food and made a big mess. We had put the food on the deck which had untouched snow. She told everyone about the mess the reindeer made. When Ally opened each present she would exclaim,"It's my favorite thing!"

Ally and Zoe were wonderfully spoiled and got some fabulous gifts. This year I decided to do a big gift and it was a kitchen. I was all excited and when Mike and I went to build it we discovered that about 1/3 of the screws were missing. Boy, was I mad...poor Mike. Thankfully we got it together enough that it looks like a kitchen and the girls love playing with it.

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