Friday, January 30, 2009

Two towers, but not the famous ones

Here is a picture that Mike took last night at his photography class. If you want to see more click on the slide show on the right.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Budding Artist

Ally has started to really enjoy drawing and coloring.  Every day this week she has asked to color.  I hate the idea of throwing away her beautiful artwork so I have started talking pictures of some and have put them into a slideshow that you can look at on the right.  

Ally and I also made play dough yesterday.  It was a lot of fun but I didn't get the color part right and once Ally stopped trying to eat it, she had a great time too.  She spent most of her time making a pizza.  She really enjoyed me making little people,  cars and letters.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Zoe at 6 Weeks

Zoe at 6 Weeks
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I have become obsessed with replicating some of the pictures that we took from when Ally was young with Zoe at the same age. This picture is similar to one we had taken of Ally at six weeks. It was hard to hold my hand out long enough to take the picture because Zoe is nearing 10 lbs.....I need to work on my biceps I guess.

Zoe Closeup

Zoe Closeup 6 Weeks
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Who do you think she looks like? I can't tell as clearly as I could with Ally but I do see some similarities between the girls.

Ally Closeup

Ally Closeup
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Isn't she a doll?

My Handsome Husband

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Mike bought a portrait lens today and I had some fun taking some pictures with it. Mike has started taking photography classes - so watch for our pictures to get even better. Mike has already picked out the next lens to buy and it is over $2000!!! Photography is an expensive hobby but I must say it is totally worth it because we are getting some amazing pictures.

Ryan aka Baby Whisperer

Ryan has successfully calmed down to babies.  Both Zoe and Natasha were crying but Ryan was able to get Zoe to sleep and Natasha to eat.  That really is talent!

A Day with the Cramptons

Ryan, Billie and Natasha came to visit from Ottawa.  We had a wonderful time and as usual we really wished that they lived closer.  The whole Crampton clan got together last Saturday at Pat and Alicia's.  Here are some pictures from our day.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Our blog is a year old and I have just spent the evening updating from the past month.  We have been busy.

It has been a great year and I hope the next year goes as well!

One Month Old

Zoe is one month old now.  It has been a busy month.  Zoe has already started to grow out of her clothes.  I am not used to having a baby that grows this fast.  Zoe is working on her smile and as of last night rolled from her tummy twice.  Zoe is quite content and perks up when she hears her sister Ally.


Mrs. Potato Head wanna be
Ally loves glasses and has fallen in love with the glasses from her Potato head toy.
I can't get enough of my girls!

Christmas in Lacombe

Alicia and Zoe
Reading with Grandma Jan and Kaya
Decorating the tree

Day 3!  We celebrated Boxing Day in Lacombe with Mike's family.  We had a great time and Ally had a blast with her cousins and Grandma Jan.  There was more fabulous presents and we had a wonderful visit.  And I must brag all four of us slept in the same room and we all slept well!

More Christmas in Rocky

Here are some more pictures from Rocky.  Mike has been experimenting with some neat filters for his camera.

Christmas in Rocky

Me nursing Zoe
Susanne and Diane
Paige and Jesse
Diane and Gerry

This year almost all my aunts, uncles and cousins were going to be at my Grandma's so we made the drive to go and show our beautiful girls off.  My Aunty Susanne, Uncle Bryan and cousin Paige had never even seen Ally!  We had a wonderful time, had an amazing dinner and were given some wonderful presents.

Christmas in Didsbury

Blurry.....but cute.

Day 2!  I am very strict about some of the traditions that my parents and siblings must adhere too.  I am training Ally to take over my job of waking everyone up and she loved knocking on everyone's door and saying,"Wake up! It's present time! Christmas!"  It is nice to have a child wake everyone up because it was getting a bit tiresome with me waking everyone up early in the morning.

Christmas Day 1

We love Christmas in our family and we make an effort to enjoy all it has to offer.  We enjoy seeing as many relatives as possible.  This year we went from Calgary to Didsbury to Rocky Mountain House to Lacombe and back to Calgary.  Here are pictures from our family present opening in Calgary.  Ally had a great time opening the presents and loved all the new things that she got.  In the above pictures she is opening her stocking and displaying a Calgary Flames jersey from Santa and fairy wings from Aunt Billie and Uncle Ryan.

sisterly love

Ally is enamoured with her sister and loves to kiss and hold Zoe.  Zoe enjoys it for the most part until Ally gets a bit rough.

Play Group Christmas Party

Ally went to her first Christmas party with her playgroup friends. Since boys far out number the girls, she refers to them as the boys.

Zoe's First Bath

Zoe had her first bath on December 12.  She got to have her big sister help out.  Ally tested the water and washed her sister.  It was pretty fast and furious because despite being born in water, Zoe hates having a bath.  She screams bloody murder until strangely enough her head is wet.

Zoo Lights

We were adventurous and braved the cold to take in zoo lights at the Calgary Zoo.  We met up with Chris, Leslie and Daymond.  It was cold and late but we had a great time and the kids enjoyed the lights.

Fun in the snow

Ally has discovered how much fun snow can be.  She loves to help her Dad when he is shovelling.  Grandma Jan took her outside a couple times and taught Ally how to make snow angels and attempted to build a snowman.  Ally could spend hours outside and did not want to come in.

It's cold outside!

It's cold outside!
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Poor Zoe, it sucks being a winter babe! This snow suit is 0-3 and barely fits but it is warm. December has been so cold! The day Zoe was born was the last time it was nice out. We actually went for a walk in sweaters and that night the weather turned and hasn't been warm since.