Thursday, November 26, 2009

Still Nursing

Zoe is still nursing and going strong. Nursing is her preferred method of going to sleep and best way to calm her down.


Zoe is now at the age that she is getting into everything. She has a knack for finding things that she really shouldn't touch. She loves to put her hand in the toilet and knock things into the tub. She also loves to climb up the stairs. She will wait till you aren't watching and just go for them.


Ally and I are really getting into crafts. I am on the look out for fun easy things that we can do. We are also getting ready for Zoe's birthday part on Saturday. Here we are making Christmas ornaments out of pine cones. We are going to put them in the goody bags. Zoe really wanted to get in on the action but I was afraid that she would eat the glue.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Official Word!!

Zoe said her first word today! She has a few that I consider words but this one is her official one because it was so loud and clear. We were talking pictures today and I kept say, "Look at Daddy! Where is Daddy?" And she looked up and said,"Dada!"

Here is a video of her.

Shaving Cream

I got this idea from a friend on a message board for kids born in March 2007. Ally loved playing with the shaving cream, she played with it for about a half an hour.


Yes, I know I am so behind...I am a horrible mother and Zoe is being shafted...I will make it up I promise!

Here is Zoe sharing her fishies. She is a tease, she likes to offer and then take the food away then laugh.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pudding Paint

Today we made pudding from scratch and the put food coloring in. It was a blast! Ally wouldn't eat it and delighted in the painting. Zoe enjoyed eating the paint and I had fun painting her. Sorry for the bad quality I think someone has been touching my camera.


Here is Zoe trying to figure out her spoon this morning.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Mike had a fun time getting all us to pose, look at the camera and smile all at the same time. Here are our Christmas pictures and look for them in your mail box when I send out our cards.

My Little Helper

I am so lucky because soon I will have two helpers.

Messy Face

Zoe loves yogurt but this morning she decided that it would be more fun to drink it out of a toy cup. Here is a picture of the result.

Ally Dancing


We have started to dance after dinner. It has been a fun way to wear the girls out before bed. Here is a video of Zoe dancing and the cute thing you can't notice is that she is singing too. Her favorite singer is Michael Buble and the song, "Me and Mrs. Jones" Grandma Lori introduced it to her as a way to fall asleep and listening to Michael on my Ipod while we were in Moncton was a great way to calm her down. Oh and the music is pretty loud so I advise you to turn you sound down.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cuddle Time

Zoe and Ally are already bonding as sisters and have just started to play together. I love when they get each other giggling. Here we all our having a cuddle break.

In the Mouth

Always in the mouth! Zoe, as with most babies puts everything in her mouth. I hate the stage and I am always amazed at how long it lasts. Here is Zoe at one of our playgroups. I must apologize I haven't been uploading the pictures I have been taking and I missed Monday things have been crazy but I am back on track.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Month of Zoe!

This is a picture of Zoe's 'cute' face. Zoe has started wrinkling her nose up to get attention. It is hilarious. I am going to try to get a video of it.

Zoe is now 11 months old and I will be taking a picture of her everday this month. This past month has been so busy for Zoe. On top of her trip to Ottawa last week she got to fly to Moncton. Zoe is an awesome traveller. She has started waving and almost will say, "Buh bye!" She is a food connoissuer and does not like her food to be late. She is very vocal about how and when she wants her food.


Do you know how hard it is to get two kids to pose?
My little flower!
Model Elephant
Pumpkin decorating with Grandma

This was Ally's first year Trick or Treating and she had a blast. Grandma Jan came and helped decorate pumpkins and to take Ally door to door. I think Ally's favorite part was handing out candy, she would go out on the porch and watch for the kids. She would get so excited when they wearing come and she would shout at the top of her longs, "Trick or Treat!"

Visit with Kaya and Adlai

Zoe was doing her best to get in on the fun.
Gotta love the Sleep Game.
Ally delighted in calling Adlai, "Mr. Man"

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of having Pat, Kaya and Adlai come out and visit. Alicia was enjoying a nice weekend in Vancouver so Pat brought the kids for a visit. We went swimming and the kids played and played. It was a great visit! We were joking that we had to move to visit more often ;) It actually has a lot more to do with our house then the location.