Monday, July 14, 2008

Here's our baby!

I was so excited for this ultrasound, I really wanted to see the baby but then once I started drinking the water I began to remember why I hate ultrasounds. I don't know any details but the baby seems healthy, stubborn and despite me not feeling much moving alot. The tech had a hard time getting all the pictures and I had to keep laying on one side and then switching to the other and back again. Mike decided he wanted to find out the gender but our baby is stubborn and like its Aunty Alicia, practicing yoga moves, because she (yes, she) was sitting cross legged with her ankles right in front impeding the money shot. The ultrasound tech took a guess from her looking around that the baby is a girl. I am guessing that is about 60-75% accurate - so in a way both Mike and I got our ways because we won't know difinitively for another 20wks!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I must apologize for not updating the blog often. We have been very busy. I have just gotten a part time job at Bobebe, a high end baby store. I work Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday. Mike also decided that since his pregnant wife was going out to work that he should get another job too! He is doing computer repair for Geeks On The Way. We are enjoying the financial freedom this gives up but I don't like not seeing Mike until 8pm or so.

Ally and I are also revelling in the summer weather. We try and go out most days. We just got a membership to Heritage Park and we actually prefer it to the Zoo. Only because it is more relaxed and she can get out and walk.

Ally is busy getting into everything and learning where her boundaries are. She is saying a new word almost everyweek. She loves singing and dancing and climbing!

This pregnancy is going well, especially once the first trimester was over. I have my 20 week ultrasound on the 14th and we will get to see the baby. I am excited and have been counting down the days. We are not going to find out gender but seeing a healthy baby is important. I am planning a home waterbirth VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) so there are a few things that need to go right to help my plan to be successful.


Ally has many friends and every week or so we go over to Laurie and Ethan's house to play. Ethan has a great backyard with a water table and a slide. Ally didn't want to go home. Also in the pictures is a friend of Ethan's Arian.

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Canada Day in Canmore and Banff

My family has started a tradition on Canada Day. We enjoy watching the Red Deer Royals and the other marching bands play in the parades in Canmore and Banff and perform a Field Show. I used to be a band geek along with my sisters. I didn't get many pictures because I was too excited watching the parade.

Ally loved the parade and got excited whenever she saw any puppy or anything with four legs. Everything right now is puppy.

Walking with Daddy and Popa

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More Fun at Grandma Jan's

Every day Alexandra's personality gets stronger. While out on a walk Alexandra chose not to share the tractors with her cousin and had to have both and if she didn't she would hit Kaya! Imagine my dismay when I heard that story.

Here Alexandra is taking the tractor from Kaya

Now she has both and is quite happy but poor Kaya.

After hitting her cousin Ally had to get out of the stroller and Daddy had to carry her.

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Playing in the pool with Kaya

A couple weekends ago Alexandra and her Dad went with Kaya and Uncle Pat to Grandma Jan's for a Father-Daughter Day. This was the first time Alexandra and gone any where overnight with just her Dad. I was really worried about how she would sleep but she was great!

Here is Kaya and Alexandra playing in the pool. Alexandra loves to wash her hair and will wash it with anything wet. I prefer when she does it with water.

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Pool at Mama and Popa's

Ally is in love with the water and she will spend hours in the pool or playing with water. This is her first experience with a pool. Here she is testing it out and trying to figure out how to get in. She was also fascinated with how the watering can works.

Exploring the Yard

Alexandra and I went outside to pull some weeds from my garden which is the saddest thing you will ever see. Alexandra really enjoyed throwing dirt all over herself and playing with the dandelions.

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