Monday, June 23, 2008

Just like Daddy!

Alexandra loves putting her Daddy's hat on. Whenever she sees it she has to put it on and she doesn't seem to mind that it is the one he wears when he is working on the garage, which means that it is stinky and occasionally sweaty!

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Brushing teeth

It has been way too long since I have blogged! I have been taking so many pictures but just haven't uploaded them. We have been very busy with getting the garage finished and now that we have nice weather we are going outside more often.

Alexandra is very busy - she nevers sits for more than 5 minutes unless she is eating. She is also talking up at storm. Her favorite words are Puppy, Mama (Grandma) and Popa (Grandpa). She also has learned how to say Dani for her Aunty Danielle and good girl. It seems that every week she has a new word. Alexandra has mastered walking, she now runs a bit, walks backwards and can twirl!

Here is a picture of Alexandra brushing her teeth all by herself. Alexandra takes great pride in doing things herself these days. We are very proud but sometimes wish there was a little less mess.

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