Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Deck Chairs

Mike built some beautiful joined Adriondack chairs for our deck so that we can enjoy the summer nights.

Dinosaur Museum Cont'd

Dinosaur Museum

Mike decided to indulge in the perks of owning your own business and took us all to Drumheller to the Royal Tyrell Museum.  Ally and Zoe loved the big dinosaurs and had a blast roaring along with them.   As we drove into town Ally would point out every dinosaur she saw.

Zoe and Popa

Horace's New Look

My first new car Horace got a wrap job done.  He is now the 'Coffee News Mobile'.  Can you believe that he used to be red?


Ally and Zoe love to go to the park.  Zoe loves to climb and see how much she can scare me.  Ally is a big fan of the slide and is starting to like the swings too.

Danielle's Graduation

Danielle graduated this June with an Honours degree in Sociology and a degree in Psychology.  Here are some pictures with her in her cap and gown.

Hilda's Baptism

Zoe picked up a Strawberry Shortcake doll at a garage sale.  The doll is the same size that Zoe is and Zoe loves the doll and won't put her down.  It is really cute watching her carry it around.

Our friends Dan and Deyelle invited us to their daughter's baptism in June.  June had horrible weather during the week but we would be blessed with great weather on the weekend for the most part.  Here are some pictures of the girls soaking up the sun in their pretty dresses.

Children's Festival Cont'd

More pictures from the festival.  The weather was just perfect and the girls had a blast.

Children's Festival

Playing in the sand


We went to the Red Deer Children's Festival to see Fred Penner.  We also met up with my friend Tracy and her son Croston and husband Elton.  We had a blast and loved how un-crowded the festival was.  We actually could let the kids run around a bit.  Fred Penner still has it, too.  He kept everyone entertained the whole time.

30th Anniversary Cont'd

All the family
Teresa, Tony, Toan, Andy, Lori and Jim
Godmothers and Goddaughters

Jim and Danielle

30th Anniversary Cont'd

Ann, Jim and Lori
Lee and Croston
Ally playing hostess to Jane, Robin and Mike.  She would go up to everyone and introduce herself.  It was really cute.
Toan, Tony and Annette
Danielle and Zoe

Grumpy Zoe

30th Anniversary

Mom and Dad had their 30th anniversary on May 17th.  Danielle, Nicole and I wanted to honor them by throwing them a party.  We had about 50 people come for the party.  It was wonderful to have everyone their and we really appreciated the amount of driving people had to do to get there. 

Danielle and I worked hard and actually both of us took turns being quite sick.  Danielle actually ended up in the hospital the night before the party.  It worked well because she was feeling well when I wasn't and got all the preparation done and I was feeling well for the party and did all the work that day.

Daryl, Evelyn, Lori and Zoe
Everyone enjoy the nice weather