Friday, February 15, 2008

Then and Now

The top picture is Alexandra at 2 months and the bottom picture is Alexandra at 10.5 months.

Gimme More

Alexandra decided tonight that she loves macaroni and she could not get enough of it! She was hilarious, she started out saying,"Dad, Dada, Daddy!" and then grunting and saying, "More! More!"

Good Dental Habits Start Early

Cooking with Mommy

Alexandra and I are making lasagna. We are making a vegetarian one for her Aunty Alicia using a sneaky chef recipe.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Alexandra loves shaking her head, sometimes it is for fun and others it means no. This a video of her having fun and deciding that she is done with blueberries.

Meme from Karly

I got tagged by Karly for a meme.

Random/Weird Facts About Me:
1. I am in love with Starbucks, a drink will make a bad day perfect
2. I used to play the bass drum in a marching band
3. I love a warm freshly made bed
4. I could wear socks and shoes all the time
5. My absolute favorite song is Underpressure by Queen and David Bowie

I Want to See/Want to See Again:
Italy - even though I am not sure how fun it will be as a married woman

Rachelle's Visit

My good friend from high school came for a visit today with her 2 month old son Reid. Rachelle and I have been friends since gr.9 and it is fun to have kids who will be able to play together. Rachelle also has a daughter Maddy, who is 5.

Alexandra was very excited to have people over and was very curious about the baby.

Alexandra was very intrigued by Reid's soother and she took it right out of his mouth! And started chewing and sucking on it! Who is this kid? She has never hardly ever taken a soother probably a handful of times.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Here is a picture of Alexandra helping me wrap a parcel. She liked the parcel because she could stand up with it and it was just fun playing with the tape and paper.


I recently read that clapping is a milestone so I decided that we should be clapping more. She totally understands what it means when I say, "Pat a cake". Today is the first day that she has done it by herself and she is so proud too. She showed Daddy when he came home and didn't want to stop.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Yum! Alexandra decided to lick her bowl clean tonight.

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My Trouble Maker

Alexandra has really started to enjoy her new independence. She will be happily playing in the same room as me and then just crawl off. Here is where I found her this morning. Thankfully, she hasn't discovered the fun of the toilet paper and I have already moved the toilet paper.

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Michelle's Visit

My friend Michelle came and visited this past weekend with her son Dolan and her husband Kevin. Michelle and I met at Pax Lodge in 2001. We have kept in touch a little bit through email over the years but since having babies we have found that we have alot in common. It was so neat because it seemed just like yesterday that Michelle and I last saw eachother and our friendship picked up right where it left off. Now we have our babies to talk about, one of our favorite subjects! It was a great visit and now I am planning to come see her in Saskatoon in the spring or summer. Here are some pictures from the visit.

Alexandra and Dolan. Here Alexandra is giving Dolan a hug.

Here they are playing "together"

I have always wanted to go to Wal-Mart, late at night ever since it started being open 24hrs. Thankfully Michelle didn't think I was too weird and joined me. Here is Michelle outside of Wal-Mart at 11pm.


Alexandra recieved this neat car for Christmas from Grandm and Grandpa Adamchick. She loves it, mainly because it allows her to walk (her favorite thing right now) and because it makes lots of noise. It has taken her awhile to get the hang of walking without and help. Here is a video of her walking.