Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big Sister


Ally is a wonderful sister; she loves Zoe and is really looking forward to the next baby.

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She still loves to play with things that aren't toys. I don't really get it but it shows she has a great imagination.

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Ally loves to draw and she asks almost daily to do a craft.

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Ally is really helpful and she loves to help me cook and clean.

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Ally is a sweet girl and is really loving with Zoe. She is great at sharing with Zoe and helping her out.

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I have failed...

We found out in February that we are expecting baby #3 and I was hit hard by the first trimester. I was nauseated and extremely exhausted. I could barely get off the couch to feed myself or the girls let alone blog. I asked Mike to help but he is crazy busy too. On top of taking care of sick me, Ally and Zoe; he has been working hard at starting up our new business. We have partnered with my sister Nicole in a Coffee News Franchise and Mike quit his job at IBM to work on it. It is going amazingly well. Check out the website

So bare with me as I upload a ton of posts about Ally before she turned 3 and some from her birthday.

I hope to get back to blogging but I am not making any promises because with another baby on the way I am concentrating on having a lot of fun with Ally and Zoe.