Thursday, August 21, 2008

25 Weeks

I have been jealous of people who take belly shots and there are some who have even compared bellies between pregnancies. So I am going to try and do better this time around.

Here I am at 25 weeks. This has been a good pregnancy especially once the first trimester was over.
Yesterday I have my midwife appt. it went really well. There are three midwives on my team and yesterday I met with the newest one. My last appt with her, I didn't really like her but yesterday we had a good chat about what I want for the birth and how I am doing with my last one. I got my results for my gd test - perfect!!! I am glad I was really nervous just because I am trying really hard to be in good shape and healthy so that I can have my HBAC (homebirth after c-section). I am measuring 2 weeks ahead and my belly button is going to pop! It looks like it did at the end with Alexandra. I have also done well with the weight gain, which is another thing I am stressing over. So far I have only gained 6 lbs!! The weird thing is that because I gained so much with Alexandra and didn't lose much I am almost at the same weight I was at this time last pregnancy .I am feeling well except my left hip gets really sore, which makes my back hurt and my leg too.

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Every year we are lucky to see the International Fireworks Competition from our front yard. This year we have a good camera so Mike was learning how to take fireworks shots.

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Ally and her BFF

"What? I'm not throwing dirt, Mom."
Poor Ryla is disgusted with Ally who is throwing dirt at her and putting it in her own hair.

Ally got this slide for her birthday and due to many factors this was the first time we pulled it out. She loved it!

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New Stroller

So after like the 10th time my stroller broke. I begged Mike to buy me a new one, which we needed anyways because of # 2 on the way. Ally loved it from the moment she saw it and climbed right in.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Too Darn Hot

Today it was about 30 C the house was pretty cool most of the day until after dinner. Ally and Mike went outside to enjoy some fresh air and hope for a breeze.

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Being Silly at Dinner Time

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Dress Up

I recieved a bunch of maternity clothes from a friend and I was putting them away this afternoon and Ally decided she needed a shirt too. So she put one on and turned it into a fancy dress. She walked around the house with her dress and necklace on all afternoon. The above pictures show her talking on the phone too. She is a very important person and seems to be wanted on the phone all the time

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nothing like a sleeping baby

Alexandra to me is the cutest little girl ever but you really can't beat a sleeping baby.

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Future Girl Guide

We were at a reunion bbq yesterday for the England France tour I went on with my marching band in 1998. I can't believe that it was 10 years ago. It was really neat reminiscing with everyone about the good old days in the band. The band was definitely a major part of my life, with all its ups and downs. It is a cliche but it really has shaped me into the person I am now. My motto,"If you're on time your late!"

Here are some pics of Ally who spent the entire time exploring the park. She decided that the fire needed some more fuel so she brought upa log all by herself. I love this picture because she is all dressed up looking very pretty, carting a dirty log around. That's my girl!

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First Pigtails

Alexandra is modelling her first set of pigtails. Doesn't she look cute! I have been waiting for her hair to grow long enough to start doing stuff with it.

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Happy 60th Birthday Grandpa!

On July 24th, Dad celebrated his 6oth birthday! Woohoo! Here are some pictures from our family party. For any one interested there is a big party being planned for the middle of September!

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Alexandra takes great pride in doing things herself and insisted on eating Daddy's apple all by herself. She did a pretty good job with only having 5 teeth!

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