Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Cuteness

Mike is in love with his SLR and is taking pictures like crazy. Here are some good ones.

Umm....Daddy can you please stop taking pictures?

I am irresistible!

Can you see I am getting my top teeth?


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Pudding Paint

On Friday, Alexandra and I had our friend Joseph over and we decided to do some painting. We used pudding paint and this is the first time Alexandra has done anything artistic. She had a blast. Her muse was the delicious pudding.

Some of our paintings.

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We celebrated with Mike's family on Easter Sunday. It was also a combined birthday party for Kaya and Alexandra but unfortunately both girls fell asleep before the cake came out.

Auntie Alicia and Kaya

Yummy Easter candy from Grandma C

Happy First Birthday!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a difference!

I can not believe how fast this year has gone. My baby is not a baby anymore! She has grown so much and taught me so much. She is a darling and I love being her mother.

This is Alexandra today.

This is Alexanda at a day old leaving the hospital.

What an amazing difference!

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The Party - part 3

The Cake -
The whole idea for the Tinkerbelle theme came from when we were in Disneyland and my Mom bought Alexandra this costume. It is huge but still very cute.

Happy First Birthday!!!

Yummmm...this cake is okay. Actually Alexandra was more interested in the balloons than her cake but at least I got a picture.

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Party- Part 2

The Presents - Alexandra was wonderfully spoiled and got some really great things.

This the chair that she got from Maddy, Reid and Rachelle.

An fridge magnet that teaches the alphabet from Auntie Nicole

A fun tunnel from Ryla, Ber and Tammy.

She also got:
A very cute pink outfit from Daymond, Chris and Leslie
A fabulous red outfit from Great Grandma Reynaud
A little Tykes Plaything from Grandma and Grandpa
Two little people sets and Elmo TMX from Mike and I
and we are also getting Alexandra a new sibling :)

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The Party - Part 1

We had Alexandra's party at my parent's in Didsbury, it started out to be just family but somehow turned into a rather large affair. My apologies to the people who did not get invited, I was just winging it.

Here is Alexandra is her birthday finery. Her Grandma bought her the pretty dress with the hair band and gloves. I put the gloves on as a bit of a joke but she LOVED them! She is also wearing her favorite thing - necklaces.

The guests - Alexandra's best friend Ryla came with her parent's Tammy and Ber, Daymond (boyfriend and 1 day older) with Chris and Leslie, Maddie and Reid with Rachelle, Great Grandma Reynaud, Auntie Danielle and Uncle Jason, Auntie Nicole and Grandma and Grandpa Chick - who spoiled her!

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The cake

We had a Tinkerbelle themed party and I was crazy and decided to decorate the cake myself with the help of my mom.

Tinkerbelle half way through

Grandma with all the icing

Tinkerbelle finished

Now I do not have much artistic talent so my mom helped a lot! And we didn't have all the right tools either but I must thank Beth for getting me the few supplies I had. I am actually proud of our efforts. I think I will do it again, maybe next year. I think I will try and get better supplies.

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Happy Easter

I thought I would post this cute pic of Alexandra before all the pictures from her birthday.
She actually loved the rabbit ears and didn't mind having them put on.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grandma Jan's Lambs

Today we stopped at Grandma Jan's for a visit and it is lambing season. A few lambs have been abandoned by their mothers so Jan and Dave have been taking care of them in the house. Below is Julia who is 5 days olds and still very tiny.

Nicole with Julia

Alexandra was a little uncertain about touching the lamb but she is tentatively trying.

Alexandra is much more confident about the lamb now and is trying to imitate it's sounds.

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3 steps!

Alexandra has just started to walk a little bit she will take about 3 steps. She practically runs to you and falls into you. She is just so fearless!

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Standing by herself

This weekend Alexandra has almost mastered standing by herself. She can stand for about 30 seconds and she can lower herself down and correct! This is very exciting because now I think there is a good chance she will be walking for her birthday!

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Birthday Present

Alexandra is opening her first present from her god-parents Auntie Danielle and Uncle Jason. She recieved a very special doll an Only Hearts Girl. Alexandra loved the present but was a little more interested in playing with her Auntie instead of the toy.

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Yummy Junk food!

Alexandra is very vocal about what she wants to eat. Here she decided that she did not want the healthy food that Daddy was feeding her, but she wanted the junk that Daddy was eating. She is enjoying an onion ring and a pop (empty)

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Last Friday our friends Dan and Deyelle came over to play Rockband. We were rocking out pretty hard and having a blast. Dan has mastered the drums even with having to play with wooden spoons, Deyelle was awesome on guitar, Mike is an expert singer and I am doing okay on bass. Below are pictures of Alexandra trying to get in on the action.

Playing the guitar with Deyelle

Future Rockstar

Can not get enough of the mike

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